Latest Technology

For your convenience, Kaleidoscope Kids offers a moderately complex laboratory within our office.  This allows the pediatricians and nurse practitioners access to a wide variety of tests and results while your child is in the office leading to improved diagnoses and expedited treatments and peace of mind that your child is receiving the most expedient, comprehensive care possible. 

Within our lab we offer tests and services to best care for your child including: 

Strep, Flu, RSV, Mono, Urinalysis, Urine HCG, CBC(complete blood count), CMP(comprehensive metabolic profile), Bilirubin testing, Lead testing, Lipid Panel(cholesterol), Occult blood testing 

Kaleidoscope Kids is proud to offer molecular testing which improves sensitivity and decreases false negative results leading to more accurate testing and diagnosis to provide timely, appropriate care for your child. With the sensitivity of molecular testing, illnesses can be detected earlier and more confidently therefore allowing earlier treatment, minimizing days off of work and school.